Check back here once the semester begins to see what competitions UCBD is planning to attend!


Where can I view my competition results?

All results can be found on the o2cm Events Page: https://www.o2cm.com/Events.html

I've never danced before, can I still compete?

Yes! Collegiate competitions start at the Newcomer level, so you are able to compete even within your first semester!

How many competitions can I participate in as a UCBD member?

UCBD will typically sponsor 3 competitions for team members at a free or discounted rate depending on the semester and available funds. However, there are usually more competitions throughout the year that our members attend. These extra competitions are funded by the individual dancers.

Can I spectate at a competition without actually competing?

Yes, absolutely! We highly encourage spectating at least one competition to see what it's like. Competitions are generally a really fun time and a great bonding experience for our dancers! You can come purely to watch, or even help our competitors get ready with hair, costumes, etc. We'll usually have dinner together afterwards too to celebrate the day!

How do I know what level to compete in?

Our lessons are taught according to the levels that are used at most collegiate competitions - Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Open (Pre-Champ and Champ) - which makes it easier to know which level to enter if you decide to compete! However, our Instructors would be the best people to speak with if you are not sure when and/or what level to compete in! But, if you'd like some general information:

Newcomers are typically in their very first semester of lessons. Bronze dancers are within their 2nd and 3rd semesters of dancing. Silver dancers are typically in their 4th or higher semesters of dancing, and their placement becomes a bit more dependent on the points they have in the collegiate system. Gold and Open dancers usually make the conscious decision to compete at these levels depending on their dance experience, points in the collegiate system, practice etiquette, and coaching recommendation.

Do I need a partner to compete?

Yes and no. (Lol) While you do need a partner to compete, it does not have to be one consistent partner. Our members have all danced with different partners, and sometimes this does lead to consistent partnerships depending on schedule, drive, experience, etc. However, collegiate competitions often offer a partner search option to help pair dancers together the day of. You will typically have some time before you are called to the floor on competition day to meet and maybe go over some steps with the partner they've helped you find.


Going to a competition and not sure what to bring? Well we've made this checklist to help you as you're packing!

  • Rhythm/Latin Costume

  • Smooth/Standard Costume

  • Costume Accessories

  • Smooth/Standard Dance Shoes

  • Rhythm/Latin Dance Shoes

  • Practice Shoes

  • Team Jacket

  • Casual Clothes/Warm Up Outfit

  • Comfy/padded socks

  • Safety pins

  • Hair ties

  • Bobby pins

  • Hairspray

  • Tanning Spray (if desired)

  • Combs/brushes

  • Jewelry

  • Hair Accessories

  • Hair nets

  • Pomade

  • Nail Polish/Remover

  • Makeup

  • First Aid

  • Hand towel

  • Pillow and Blanket

  • Food/Snacks

  • Water/Gatorade