Q. What is ballroom dance?

A. Ballroom dance refers to a variety of partner dances across several different styles and speeds. Partnerships consist of a leader and a follower, so that skilled couples can dance together without planning routines in advance. Each dance has its own unique mood, style, appearance, and dance moves.

Q. Do I need prior dancing experience to join?

A. Not at all! We are open to anyone from a complete beginner to Open level dancers and everyone in between. Most of our dancers have started with little to no experience. If you have some prior dancing experience of any sort, you will certainly be at an advantage, but you will still find that our newcomer classes move at an appropriate pace.

Q. What's the difference between the club and the team?

A. While the Team is meant for those who want to pursue competitive ballroom dancing, Club is meant for those who want to learn ballroom without the pressure or time commitment. Club is socially oriented and progresses at a pace that is ideal for those who are attending lessons only once a week.

Q. Do I have to come with a dance partner?

A. Not at all! In fact, all of our beginner classes rotate through partners so you can have the experience of dancing with different partners.

Q. What kind of clothes or shoes should I wear?

A. The dress code for lessons is more casual. What you would feel comfortable moving in, like gym wear and sneakers, is appropriate.